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The Story

Every time someone asked Brad Hominick of Brad Hominick Productions for his website address, the answer was the same: “I don’t have one…” He knew he needed a website for his business – if for no other reason than to create a photo gallery of his work – but it was one of those things that was always “on the list”.

What We Did

Enter Graham Strong and Strong Websites. Graham made the whole process of creating a website really easy. He took care of everything from finding and installing the design template to writing the content and launching the photo gallery. In fact, all Brad had to do was agree on the template, send Graham the images for the portfolio and ideas for the content, and sign off on the final website before launch.

The Result

Today, Brad has a great way to share images of his work to potential clients and explain all his services – it’s another way clients can get in touch with him. Best of all, when people ask for his web address now he has a whole new answer: www.bhpsigns.com Check it out for yourself!