Strong Websites = Easy Websites!We take care of all the details for you, from setting up the server and configuring your email accounts to full website template installation and content writing.

In fact there are only three things we need from you:

  1. Some information about your business and your target market
  2. Any of your current marketing materials, if you have them (your logo, brochures, etc.)
  3. Your feedback and stamp of approval before your website goes “live”

Here’s a breakdown of how Strong Websites will build your site.

  • First, we will need to get a basic idea about your business: what you do, who your customers are, what you hope to accomplish with your website – that sort of thing. We will have a short phone meeting to discuss the project, and to give you the opportunity to ask questions as we go.
  • Then we will start searching for a suitable design template and writing the content. At this stage, we will need your logo, any photos or graphics you want to use, and any content (price lists, contact information, etc.) that you would like to post on your website.
  • Once we’ve installed the template and written the content, you will have a chance to review and request changes before we put it all together. You give it your final stamp of approval and Boom! your website is live!

Yes, it really is that easy!

Why don’t we get started right now? Contact us with a few details about what type of website you would like, or request a short (free) phone consultation.