Why does getting a website have to be so complicated?

Actually, it isn’t with Strong Websites. If you have ever felt overwhelmed, bewildered, or even nervous of the prospect of getting a website, Strong Websites is the right place for you. We take care of it all, from designing your website and writing your content, to setting up your hosting. We’ll even help you find a domain name, if you need it.

In fact there are only three things we need from you:

  1. Some information about what kind of website you need (simply fill in a short questionnaire)
  2. Any of your current marketing materials (things like your logo, your graphics, etc.)
  3. Your feedback and stamp of approval before your website goes “live”

Yes, it really is that easy! With almost 15 years of web design experience, we take care of all the details so you don’t have to worry.

Strong Websites works from the WordPress framework, one of the best blogging software packages available. In fact it is so good that it makes website building easier. Plus, you get things like:

  • Built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so search engines like Google find you more easily
  • User-friendly maintenance so anyone who can surf the web can learn to manage their own content
  • Gadgets and widgets like photo galleries, calendars, and more that you can easily plug in to your website for even more options

Strong Websites makes getting your own website… well, easy!

Contact us right now to find out how fast and easy your website can be.

About Graham Strong

Strong Websites is an extension of Graham Strong’s writing services. Since 1995, Graham has provided his clients with professional copywriting from ad and brochure copy to web content and white papers.

In about 1996, Graham started to build websites professionally. He continues to offer website building to his clients as one of his long list of services.

To learn more about Graham Strong, visit his main website at www.grahamstrong.com