Some kind words from our great clients!

  • Ken Hickerson, Owner<br /><div style="font-weight: normal !important;"><a title="Day Star Irrigation" href="http://www.daystarirrigation.com/" target="_blank">Day Star Irrigation</a><br />Airdrie, AB</div>

    As a small company just starting out. I was looking for help on my marketing side as I had absolutely no marketing experience. I came to Graham and he was able to walk me through the entire process supplying me with website and content. Not only was Graham able to make the process simple and cost-effective, I have and continue to receive many new clients because of the website. I would strongly recommend choosing Strong Websites!

    Ken Hickerson, Owner
  • Ron Lemarquand, Co-Owner<br /><div style="font-weight: normal !important;"><a title="Fox on the Run" href="http://www.foxontherun.ca/" target="_blank">Fox on the Run</a><br />Thunder Bay, ON</div>

    I have been working with Graham Strong’s copywriting services for over 8 years. Graham demonstrates an uncanny balance of quality of work, the ability to meet deadlines he promises, and he is very easy to get along with. Ultimately he makes it simple to get quality work done in the most time efficient manner. I can see why his client list has grown so steadily.

    Keep up the good work!

    Ron Lemarquand, Co-Owner
    Fox on the Run
    Thunder Bay, ON
  • Alvis & Samantha Plavins<br /><div style="font-weight: normal !important;"><a title="Bliss Pictures" href="http://blisspictures.ca/" target="_blank">Bliss Pictures</a><br /> Thunder Bay, ON</div>

    We started a new business in a highly competitive field and looked to Graham to set us apart with some professional copy for our web-site, brochure and other print materials.

    We were blown away.

    Graham has a unique talent in that he can articulate precisely what we think in a language that is concise, appealing to the reader and inviting. He delivered on time and above and beyond what we expected. His flair for marketing ideas also saved us additional dollars as we were able to implement his ideas on our own quite seamlessly.

    Thanks, Graham!

    Alvis & Samantha Plavins
    Bliss Pictures
    Thunder Bay, ON
  • Glenn Craig, President and CEO<br /><div style="font-weight: normal !important;"><a title="Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation" href="http://www.healthsciencesfoundation.ca/" target="_blank">Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Foundation</a><br />Thunder Bay, ON</div>

    Over the years Graham has become an indispensable part of our team. He knows the mission and vision of our organization, and more importantly knows our “voice”. He is able to take complex medical concepts and, with limited space, explain them to a general public audience.

    What really sets him apart is his professionalism and his willingness to please his clients. I have always enjoyed working with Graham, and have recommended him to others on several occasions.


    Glenn Craig, President and CEO
  • Sam Vohra<br /><div style="font-weight: normal !important;"><a title="CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc." href="http://www.compciti.com/" target="_blank">CompCiti Business Solutions, Inc.</a><br />New York, NY</div>

    We wanted to redesign our website, make it more user-friendly, and add a Content Management System so that we could add and edit our own content. Graham found a great template for us and personalized it by adding new pictures and randomly displaying our testimonials. We are extremely happy with the way our new site turned out.

    What really made it convenient is that I only had to work with one person during this whole process. Instead of being the “project manager” between a web designer and a content writer, I just gave it all to Graham. Not only did he do a great job, but he was very easy to work with and addressed any questions I had immediately.

    I would highly recommend Graham for any content or design project.

    Sam Vohra
  • Donna M. Littrell, Owner<br /><div style="font-weight: normal !important;"><a title="Elite Office Solutions, Inc." href="http://www.eliteofficesolutions.com/" target="_blank">Elite Office Solutions, Inc.</a><br />Philadelphia, PA</div>

    It has been a pleasure working with Graham on all of our projects. He has been instrumental in getting our ideas put appropriately into words and has helped immensely in the creation of our website, brochures, and many marketing materials. I highly recommend his services to help take your business to the next level.

    Donna M. Littrell, Owner